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Seo Lab - 101 Link Building strategies

101 Link Building strategies

Seo Lab - 101 Link Building strategies Seo Lab Search for: Search Engine Optimization Best Free Directories On January 22nd – just before the Austin update – I had spent most of the day searching out directories to submit to. I worked from lists of directories, and have now narrowed down a list of the best free ones to submit to, based primarily on their usefulness for SEO purposes. Of course, there… Testing Google indexing Usually Google does a pretty good job at indexing. Traditionally Google was more interested in capturing as much information from the web as possible. More recently, it seems as though Google’s policy may have changed – though any existing indexing concerns may be due to Google’s bad data push. I’ve seen this issue really acutely… SEO, Links, and Longtail Too often prospective clients are looking to capture traffic and sales from just a couple of different major keywords. Often, these keywords are very similar – singular and plural versions of the same term, for example. The real secret to working with keywords in links to work with as varied a spread of keywords of… How to spot nofollow links the easy way Sometimes you may be considering adding content to a third-party site, not least for link benefits. Whether it’s a link exchange, forum link drop, blog comment, or article submission, the sites for links are available – but some throw in a nasty surprise by using the “nofollow” tag. Looking through page code for nofollow is… Link experiment – when do duplicate links count? Here’s the conundrum – if you find yourself linking to the same site twice on a page, or else linking the same keywords more than once, it can be difficult to tell whether the second or first link carries any value. For example, if you do either of the following, then what are the actual… Tips for Google News syndication If SEO is about attracting targeted visitors, then methods that can legitimately increase your site’s exposure to extra traffic work well within that remit. One way of doing this is via syndication, and one of the big daddy’s of this is Google News. Any site that can get itself syndicated via Google News can potentially… Web directories Web directories have a variable reputation in SEO. On the one hand, they are often regarded as little better than link farms. Even worse, they almost certainly provide “low-trust” links. Even still, I use directory listings as a strategic part of my overall SEO campaign. This is not because I want to use directory titles… Google is not the only search engine Far too often I see prospective clients only look to rank on Google. Sure, Google is the most widely used search engine – but if you develop a strategy that only caters for Google, you may be crippling yourself unnecessarily. Yahoo! and MSN together can capture almost 50% of the search market, so anyone looking… How to beat the Google Sandbox The Google Sandbox is an old system. It was first noticed in April 2004, when volume link builders (such as myself) found that instead of immediate ranking effects from volume link building, as expected, it now took 3 months before those links would impact. Since then the Google Sandbox has come to encompass a varied… Off-topic links work and are effective There’s a lot of general discussion on the need for “on-topic” links. Google is perceived by some to particularly reward “on-topic” links. But not every page with a link is going to be devoted to that topic – heck, you only have to consider Google itself. Consider how many times you see people link to… 1 2 … 4 Next → Recent Posts Best Free Directories Testing Google indexing SEO, Links, and Longtail How to spot nofollow links the easy way Link experiment – when do duplicate links count? Categories Directory articles Google articles SEO articles Webmaster Pages About About SEO lab SEO lab tests In code attribute tests In code attributes test 1 In code attributes test 2 Meta-Tag tests Meta-Tags test 1 Meta-Tags test 2 Title Attribute tests Title attributes test 1 Title attributes test 2 Friends Affiliate Programs How To Create A Blog? WordPress Hosting Affiliation Internet Meilleurs Programmes Affiliate Programs Directory Seo Lab Disclaimer Copyright © Seo Lab 2017. Businessx theme designed by Acosmin.