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A community of artists, game developers, musicians, voice actors and writers who create and share some of the best stuff on the web! — Everything, By Everyone 00:00 00:00 Newgrounds Login / Sign Up MoviesGamesAudioArtPortalCommunityYour Feed Check out crazyguypizza, our latest supporter! We need your help, too. Support Newgrounds and get tons of perks for just $2.99! Create a Free Account and then.. Become a Supporter! Featured Movies Past Features More sponge finds trouble Comedy - Parody Bob Sponge Rigamarole Three boys get into some wacky medieval shenanigans. Comedy - Parody Totally Tubular Collab blabberdookie deliver the pizza good Action Set Up To Fail FrozenSheep Captain Tardigrade returns to continue his exciting adventures! Comedy - Original Captain Tardigrade: Prophecy of the Sun People ianmichaelmiller A Steamed Hams collab, with each animator remaking 13 seconds of the iconic Simpsons clip. Comedy - Parody Steamed Hams animation collab TmsT Based on the 1987 arcade game. Action RETRO ARCADE ANIME: R-TYPE OtaKing77077 Chocobros find a tomb. Get their booties rekt. Comedy - Parody FFXV: Booty of the First King Narmak Waiting for the bus sure is fun! Comedy - Original Waiting For The Bus Fishermen tags: alien, ass, voyeur Comedy - Original Alien Abcucktion heyopc M. Bison sends his most trusted assassin on a mission. Comedy - Parody The Life and Death of Vega Andobiki Dennis tries to start a new life, but a strange force won't let him forget. Drama For Whom the Bell Knows coltizart I don't think Deimos is any closer to figuring this out. Action ANAMNESIS.fla Krinkels Featured Games Past Features More Kristov Colin wants to discover a Merica Action - Other Kristov Colin CrounchyBrothers Guide Aine, the Phoenix Knight, on her impossible quest through Lineria. Adventure - RPG Renaine (MK. II) squidly Solve puzzles. Sounds too easy? Well, you control two chars at the same time. Or sometimes Puzzles - Other Rythm is Lava egordorichev Find a thief in a crowded nightclub. Skill - Other Bouncefloor TheFunAttic Become the prom queen by wooing all the students! Shooter - Multidirectional Prom GOblin ninjamuffin99 You wake up in a different world. How do you escape? ..And why are you here? Adventure - Point 'n Click YOU LEFT ME. zephyo A game about you and your depressed brother Skill - Other Rock Bottom profabdalla What happens when a platform game and a top down game are combined? Puzzles - Other Toodee and Topdee dietzribi (NEW 2018 DEMO) 18+ sci-fi platformer hybrid (with storyline and english voices!) Platformer - Puzzle Future Fragments - NEW Electric Level Demo hentaiwriter An electrified turn-based arcade snake-like for Ludum Dare 41 Skill - Avoid Zap Herder Foolmoron 30000+ custom monstergirls and boys! Adventure - RPG Towergirls Kingdom: Conquest! Cute and SFW Character Generator! Towerfag Play a nice game of sports with your friends! Action - Other SPORTS (LDJam) innersloth Featured Art Past Features More by Daniel-Nelson-Art by OmgXero by warddraws by eagletoons by mattsimp by Catomgames by PrinceRansom by DavidandBE by alexandralawre by MackleNG by Andobiki by oddboy18 by DenXVII by meloramylin by IkaroKruz by AntonOxenuk by JohnnyUtah by radshoe Featured Audio Past Features More Violet's Theme by Nathaniel-M Song Classical Nathaniel-M PLAY Tragik - Permanent ft Steez (prod. by Prophet XIII) by Profeta-Trece Song R&B Profeta-Trece PLAY Savant by Ultramartyr Song Heavy Metal Ultramartyr PLAY Raven's Last Goodbye by ti-on-suxandrox Song Goth ti-on-suxandrox PLAY RIDDIM by ActualElf Song Industrial ActualElf PLAY Wakeboarding Butterflies by 1f1n1ty Song House 1f1n1ty PLAY Featured Series & Collections All Collections All Series Sublo & Tangy Mustard A series about two stupid street mascots for a struggling sub sandwich shop. 2 Ants 1 President Join two ants on their quest to end the presidency. Zombie Games Games with plenty of zombies! Overwatch Parodies and tributes of Overwatch! Video Game Parodies Parodies of all your favorite video games, whether 8-bit, 16-bit or a bazillion bits! Construct Jam 2018 Games with the theme, "You are not the main character." Game Dev Platforms Showcase of games made with various development tools. Ludum Dare 41 Games with the theme, "Combine 2 Incompatible Genres." MMO RPGs More Wartune is an epic hybrid turn-based RPG/strategy game. Adventure - RPG Wartune R2Games Awaken the angels, Join the league! Adventure - RPG League of Angels R2Games The first and only Naruto browser-game in the world officially licensed by Bandai Namco. Adventure - RPG Naruto Online NarutoEN Team up with your friends as you slash through enemies, gain new equipment, and level up. Adventure - RPG Helmet Heroes robscherer123 Get ready for a technological war for resources! Strategy - Other Battle for the Galaxy AMT-Games The best of MMOs and classic 2D platformers. Adventure - RPG Lunaria Story R2Games Befriend and train dragons to help defeat the invading demon horde in this exciting MMORPG Adventure - RPG Dragon Pals R2Games Build and battle mechs! Fighting - VS Super Mechs Tacticsoft TomFulp New User Pages & Updates! Apr 29 - Art Inspired Music Contest Starts May 05 - Pico Day 2018 Aug 15 - Clock Day P-Bot's Daily Picks Comments Totally Tubular Collab by blabberdookie Three boys get into some wacky medieval shenanigans. Movie 2,055 Views (Ages 17+) Reviewboy12 - SPYRO REACTION!!! by LazyMuffin Reviewboy12 watches the new spyro remake Movie 360 Views (Everyone) HighGate Shootout | April vs Matilda by LucianSnyder Two outlaws after a same package. Movie 356 Views (Ages 13+) YOU LEFT ME. by zephyo You wake up in a different world. How do you escape? ..And why are you here? Game 3,773 Views (Ages 13+) Toodee and Topdee by dietzribi What happens when a platform game and a top down game are combined? Game 717 Views (Everyone) Newgrounds on Twitter Newgrounds on Instagram Newgrounds on Tumblr Newgrounds on Facebook Newgrounds on Steam Artist News More News from JackSmack: I'm a Tabletop game developer now! Check out my latest project! from hentaiwriter: HUGE update to the Future Fragments Demo! Entirely new level, audio, art, practically everything's new! from PaperWaifu: Summer in Springtime v0.2.0 Is Now Up! from F1Krazy: Check out my LD41 entry! from dietzribi: NEW GAME from Pr0tagonist: Musician of the Week #13: Quarl from FlowJoe: New projects that I am working on from jackbliss: Finally a Vegan Challenge for Meat Lovers Best New Games & Movies! Kirby Reanimated Scene 319 by TheAlienBanana Wha's jus hee? Movie 252 Views (Everyone) Toonsville Times by ladytooner300 There's a new Toontown in town! Movie 178 Views (Everyone) Antiques Roadshow Feedback Booth by GLoosley "Woohoo! Antiques Roadshow!" Movie 254 Views (Everyone) Therapy Dog - 7 - That's Racist by Tomorrows-Nobody Andy just wants some chocolate, and gets therapy about it. Movie 241 Views (Ages 13+) Interactive Animation by Mikey-Law Animation task: Create an interactive animation with my character! Movie 202 Views (Everyone) Plush: Hard Core by FrownHouse Cobb gets Hobart's help piercing his ear to look more 'hard core.' Movie 196 Views (Ages 13+) Talking Trash by littlbox Welcome to the future... Movie 209 Views (Everyone) The Show For You: Car Story by wermusam The Show For You Episode 40: Car Story Movie 146 Views (Ages 13+) Speedpaint-2 OCs Adrian/Chandler by WhiteLilyQueen character OC speedpaint Movie 133 Views (Everyone) Good Luck Fools Episode 1 by GoodLuckFools Four quirky demons struggle to pay rent and not strangle each other. Movie 144 Views (Ages 17+) Speedpaint Korra by WhiteLilyQueen speedpaint korra Movie 152 Views (Everyone) The Crime by kewbles A crime was done Movie 382 Views (Ages 13+) Latest Games Movies Your votes determine whether these games and movies stay or go! The more you vote, the more powerful your votes become. 01 Core Dunk 02 Kidzee Room Escape 3 03 I Love Cookies 04 SHIRO_NO_OJO(LD41) 05 Mini Healer 06 Soccer Zombie 07 Class Contender Episode 1 08 Sisyphus 09 Dual Fatality 10 Caterpillar Game Featured web games! FEATURED CONTENT GamesMoviesAudioArtChannelsUsers ThiefOfVoid Goodbye RickyCroci Ricky Ep. 6 s1gma finally about that album BECAUSEMETOO FREE MUSIC FACTORY iorilicea New remastered song! We will to be together! carbonlad Elliot smith Cover- Didn't Understand Become a Newgrounds Supporter today and get a ton of great perks! Just $2.99 per month or $25 per year. Click here to see all the perks and browse our Wall of Honor. 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