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Medium – Read, write and share stories that matter Homepage About membership Sign inGet started Homepage Get startedGet startedHome Technology Culture Entrepreneurship Creativity Self Politics Media Productivity Design Popular More Interesting ideas that set your mind in motion.Hear directly from the people who know it best. From tech to politics to creativity and more — whatever your interest, we’ve got you covered.Get startedLearn moreFeaturedMotherhood in the Age of InstagramMy journey doesn’t look like yoursLindsay Hunter Torah and Tampax: An Ethnography of My Ancient Jewish Menstrual Cycle“Though a woman be a pot of filth whose mouth is full of blood, yet all chase after her.” (Talmud Shabbat 152a)Emily RogalWhy the Best Spiritual Practice Is the One You Invent YourselfI call it “anarchic magick”Mitch Horowitz The Inside Story on How “The Wire” Was Cast: An Oral HistoryBehind the scenes of the HBO hit seriesJonathan Abrams Why ‘Black Panther’ Is a Defining Moment for Black AmericaCarvell Wallace ‘I Have Been Terrified of an Active Shooter Situation Since I Was 11’Hanna Brooks Olsen Plato Would Have Wanted You to UnplugSarah ScullinSee all featured How to Eat the Best Fruit (and Not the Bad Fruit)Sheree Joseph Popular on Medium more How I applied lessons learned from a failed technical interview to get 5 job offersIt was almost like a dream. I had taken 6 months off to go all in on coding and moving to Australia with my girlfriend, when I finally…Fredrik Strand OsebergFeb 16 Why the ‘5 Second Rule’ Will Destroy Your Procrastination, According to ScienceNeuroscience offers a simple trick for stopping procrastination in its tracks.Elle KaplanFeb 15 The Florida Douglas High School Shooting Was an Anti-Semitic Hate Crime And Nobody’s Talking About…Yesterday, February 14th 2018, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz took an Uber to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the institution he had been…Natalie LifsonFeb 15 Screw the ChildrenWe’d Rather Have Our Guns (or, the Valentine’s Day Massacre Redefined)Sherry KappelFeb 15 Featured for members more Member preview A Handful of History’s Houses of HorrorThe Murder CastleJoshua HeheJan 23 Member preview How to Become More LikeableAnd steps to cultivate more satisfying, authentic relationships.Sílvia BastosFeb 16 Member preview Motherhood in the Age of InstagramMy journey doesn’t look like yoursLindsay Hunter in Member Feature StoriesFeb 16 Member preview Open Letter to WomenNotes on a body’s midlife stormsLisa Renee in The Long MiddleNov 19, 2014 Technology more Member preview Humans May Not Always Grasp Why AIs Act. Don’t PanicHumans are inscrutable too. Existing rules and regulations can apply to artificial intelligenceThe EconomistFeb 16 Member preview What Is Google Really Up To?The search giant’s crusade against “annoying” ads isn’t altruism.Popular MechanicsFeb 15 Member preview I Thought VR Would Make Watching Olympic Snowboarding Awesome. Sadly, it Sucked.Virtual-reality programming for the Winter Olympics shows there’s still a long way to go before the tech is ready for prime time.MIT Technology ReviewFeb 15 Member preview How to teach a robot to screwHumans easily outperform machines when it comes to tightening and loosening screw fasteners. The future of manufacturing and recycling may…MIT Technology ReviewFeb 16 Member preview The tech bias: why Silicon Valley needs social theoryBy Jess BierAeon MagazineFeb 16 Creativity more Member preview A Novel Way to Write Fiction: The Lure of Online Self-Publishing‘My daughter posted a story on Wattpad — and then informed me that 200 people had read it and offered comments’The Financial TimesFeb 16 Member preview Shhh! Don’t Tell Grammar Girl…It’s OK to Have Poor GrammarStacy Brookman: Real Life ResilienceFeb 15 Member preview Writing a novel longhandMany, many years ago I wrote my first novel using a pencil and yellow legal pads. It was horrible and I don’t even have the draft or…Susan L StewartFeb 15 At 42, I’ve found my second actOne morning I woke up and said this can’t continue. Then I changed my career and my life.Felicia C. SullivanFeb 12 Member preview An Ode To A World I Don’t UnderstandI can’t be the only fully grown person who’s still waiting to be inducted into adulthood. I’ve still yet to receive my membership card and…Brian BrewingtonFeb 14 Entrepreneurship more Member preview Copying The Habits Of A Millionaire Doesn’t Make You OneHave you seen them? Articles and books that promise you the secrets to success and riches? They make it seem like money grows on trees.Darius ForouxFeb 16 How To Beat Silicon Valley CompetitorsValley startups still win head to head. But, founders, don’t be afraid. You can do things they can’t.Alex CromptonFeb 15 Member preview How 2 High Schoolers Turned A Meme Into A BusinessThis is the story of how my friend and I took a popular meme at my school and made a profit from it.Sai KambampatiFeb 14 Member preview How A Special Forces Soldier Built A Multimillion Dollar Backpack BrandJason McCarthy is a Special Forces soldier that inadvertently became a successful businessman. This is the story behind GORUCK.ForbesFeb 11 Member preview Why You Should Choose an Initial Coin Offering over FundingBy Jeff Barrettinc. magazineFeb 10 Culture more Olympics 2018: Going beyond the games.Six perspectives on the tech to the traditions, and everything in between.Leah WeisbergFeb 9 Member preview The Call For Diversity In Children’s LiteratureFacing mounting criticism, publishers of children’s books are looking for new ways to broaden the genre’s horizons.Matt JanneyFeb 16 Why We Love Bad ArtTerrible works like ‘The Room’ achieve greatness by pairing artistic failure with unwavering passionJohn ShermanFeb 15 Member preview Why Anime Can’t Seem to Win Any Hollywood AwardsAnime’s approval problemalexholtcohanJan 30 Member preview Black Superheroes Matter: Why a ‘Black Panther’ Movie Is RevolutionaryHow Marvel’s investment in a stand-alone movie for Wakanda’s king signals a new era for black superheroes — and superhero movies at largeRolling StoneFeb 16 HelpStatusBlogCareersPrivacyTermsAbout

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